We have over 25 years of research and development expertise with displays designed into millions of consumer products.

With amazing clarity, brightness, and color fidelity, our microdisplay panels and modules are ideally suited for a wide range of markets including wearable displays, camera viewfinders, spacial light modulators, projection systems for automotive and other applications, and pico projectors for mobile applications.



Our flexible mounted panels come without an illumination system for custom optics applications. The flexible substrate allows for creative product design, ideally suited for Head-mounted Displays (HMD) and Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) applications.


Electronic Viewfinders

Our integrated Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) modules come with an LED illumination system for applications needing direct-view display.


Panels are available without illumination systems making them ideally suited for projection based designs with custom optics, like pico-projectors.

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