Small 720 — 1280×720, 0.24″ diagonal, single chip FLCoS display


The Small 720p is a single chip FLCoS Display with a fully integrated controller that can interface to a Mipi DSI digital video source in addition to most other digital video sources. It can display native 720p images for progressive scan video as well as WVGA, VGA, and custom display resolutions. The fast switching ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) eliminates motion smearing and enhances images, an important characteristic for the head mounted display and augmented reality markets.


  • 5.28 x 2.97 mm active area
  • 6.058 mm diagonal
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 4.13 um pixel pitch
  • 50, 60, or 120 Hz frame rates
  • 360 Hz typical color field rate
  • MIPI DSI, RGB, and YCbCr digital interfaces
  • Programmable Gamma Correction
  • Color Space Conversion
  • Cropping and Overscan
  • Up/Down Scaling
  • Only 228 mW of power consumption which includes the display panel and integrated controller
  • 1300:1 typical contrast ratio
  • -30 to +83 °C storage temperature range

Package Options

  • 32-pin, 0.40 mm pitch connector on a 5.8 mm by 38 mm flex-rigid circuit board for projector and HMD applications
  • 61-pin, 0.20 mm pitch connector on a 16.3 mm x 12.5 mm x 5.6 mm high illuminator on a rigid PCB for electronic viewfinder applications. Optical distance is 4.46 mm*.

*Optical distance: From image (silicon surface) to illuminator top